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    Default ?'s on my 1950 Pontiac Chieftain Silverstreak Fastback

    I just got a 1950 Pontiac Chieftain Eight Silver Streak Streamliner Deluxe, Automatic and I dont know much about this car. Does anyone know anything about them? I can never find info on them on the internet or books. Oh and could someone give me a good idea about how much this car is worth in the condishion its in? (click on link below for pictures)
    Im starting to restore it so id love all the info I can get on it!
    Here is a link for more pics
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    Hi, Looks like you have a great car to begin your restoration adventure. Personally and money-wise if you ever sell the car I would leave it stock, including the proper cloth materials for the door pannels and seats. I would correct the suspension to it's proper ride height (they simply drive better) especially in the looks department and this holds true to the stock wheel and tire sizes. The interesting thing to note in the pictures you provided is that the front grille, hood ornament and body side molding is not 1950. They are 1952. So it might cost a little to get the proper parts together but well worth the cost to do it right. I think the person who put those items on was trying to save on parts or trying to make a one off 52 Pontiac because by April 1951the fastbacks (streamliners) were discontinued.
    Keep us all posted on your progress.


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    Default Nice

    Really nice car. The new paint looks good. Welcome to the club.
    Alan Mayes
    Tullahoma, TN
    Southern Division Director
    1961 Ventura 2-door kustom

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    Default 52 front end

    The most common reason for a car to have a front end from a different year, like a 49 with a 52 front end, is that back when it was just an old cheap used car, someone discovered that the car was a little longer than the room they had to the next car, and ended up shortening it up a little. When they were looking for parts, they found a 52 front end cheap, so they installed it.

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