Chapter Display Awards

Frankenmuth 2022 40

Best Chapter Display Award - 2024

These awards are presented at the Chapter Night Awards Ceremony. To compete, you must observe the following criteria:

  1. Membership roster with POCI numbers must be postmarked by 4/30/2024 to the assigned Director who must forward to POCI VP and POCI Secretary by or before May 31, 2024.

  2. Annual report must be postmarked by 04/30/2024 to the assigned Director who must forward to POCI VP and POCI Secretary by or before May 31, 2024.

  3. Your chapter must set up a display in the Chapter Display Room and the following items and information are recommended to better your score in the competition.

    Displays must be up by 11:00 am on the day before the Chapter Night banquet.

  4. Your chapter display CANNOT be greater than 6 feet in width.  Any larger display will not be eligible for competition.

  5. Chapter scrapbook featuring: chapter’s charter (if available), membership roster, photos of chapter events, photos of member cars, and dash plaques.

  6. List of current chapter officers with their contact information, POCI #,  number of chapter members attending the 2023 convention, and percentage of member's participation in monthly events.  Remember, club officers must be members of POCI.

  7. Newsletters for the past year and any other chapter-related items of interest showing chapter activities throughout the year are encouraged.

All of the above are highly recommended as display items but are not required.  The objective is to inform POCI and its members now active your chapter has been for the past year.  Past POCI awards are not encouraged but will not count against your chapter judging.

Remember if you are against a wall – you CANNOT use tape or tacks on or in the walls!

See Your Local Chapter Events

Our chapters often sponsor car shows and other events.