Why Join POCI?

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POCI was formed in 1972 by a small group of enthusiasts who wanted to pool as much Pontiac and Oakland information as possible, the first convention was held the following year in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania. Since then, POCI chapters have formed all over the country and POCI Conventions have been held every year in a variety of locations.  The events include a car show, tech seminars, presentations, drag racing, and a great swap meet. GMC trucks were included in 1998, due to their close relation to Pontiac.

The club’s magazine, Smoke Signals, also started in 1972 and has evolved into a world-class, award-winning magazine that continues to raise the bar for non-commercial publications. Smoke Signals was redesigned in 2006 and again in 2013. Today, it is a 92- to 100-page, full-color publication printed on heavyweight paper and also comes in digital form.

We are very excited about the future of the Pontiac hobby and we invite you to join POCI and start receiving Smoke Signals. Please note that members get access to download our digital editions that go back to 2006.

We welcome anyone and everyone with an interest in Pontiacs, Oaklands, and GMCs of any age or type to join us. Just use the membership form provided and get in on the action.

Whether you have an early Pontiac, a musclecar-era GTO or Firebird, a full-sized Wide Tracker, or a late-model Trans Am, Fiero, Solstice, or G8, we have a place for you and your car! POCI also gladly accepts original or modified vehicles, old or any later made models are welcomed and considered a valued member of this organization.

We thank you for your time and look forward to seeing you at a POCI event soon!  

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Annual Membership Fees

Worldwide Electronic-Membership: $25

(downloadable version of Smoke Signals, no magazine is mailed)

United States Membership: $45

Outside of U.S. Membership: $74

All memberships come with two free associate memberships. Associate members are spouse/significant other and/or a dependent child, 19 years old or younger.

Join Online at www.poci.org -Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover credit cards accepted

Call the Club Office for more information

(763) 479-2111

Facebook: Pontiac Oakland Club or Pontiac Oakland Club member's page

E-Mail: pociworldhq@aol.com

What do our members say?

via mail "Great publication!" member A. F.

via email to Smoke Signals editor Tim Dye: "Tim, Thank you for the confirmation, and thank you for the great job you do with Smoke Signals.  I tell people the magazine is worth way more than the membership fees alone.  Great publication..............” member J. M.

via phone with renewal: "Really enjoy the magazine, it's the best on the market!" member S. H.

via phone with renewal: "The Smoke Signals is top notch............." member J. C.

via email "Love the magazine!" member K. D.

via eMail: "Tim, I think you are doing a great job with the Smoke Signals, the best I have ever seen during my membership which goes back to 1983.  Please keep up the good work.” member B. P.

See Your Local Chapter Events

Our chapters often sponsor car shows and other events.