AAOC News Update

The autumn of the year finds our members winding down their > outings and preparing for refurbishing their Oaklands over the winter. > Some members found their way to Kalamazoo, MI for the Flathead > Reunion. Unfortunately, one of our members found out how modern > gasoline affects rubber in our older fuel systems. Fortunately, no > major damage was done. > While no formal gathering took place at Hershey, a few members > were seen wandering the fields looking for those elusive Oakland > parts they need. > Winter will find members reading their AAOC newsletter for > information about period clothing. Lois Landvoigt will be writing > articles on this subject for us. This should lead to some very > stylish members showing off their best in both fashion and Oaklands > come next spring. AAOC Secretary, Paul Prinzing

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