All American Oakland Club News Update

Tulsa was the site of numerous AAOC activities. Members gathered together with the ETC to have a picnic. Food was plentiful and all were full before the Mystery Bingo game commenced. BINGO rang out from all corners of the tent and the prizes were handed out. There was frantic swapping of gifts as all left with such fine items as a USB Lava Lamp? The next morning the Oakland Breakfast took place at the Harwelden Mansion. Again food was plentiful and the meeting and tour took place afterwards. Some of the details of the Oakland Homecoming event for Sept. 2008 were discussed. Those interested in more information on this should go to the AAOC website at www.allamericanoakland.com. On show day, the Oaklands were gathered along the green. A hospitality tent was set up and members again indulged in a noontime meal. The largest gathering of Oaklands ever at a convention was on display for all to see. Wed like to extend a special thanks to Tim Dye and the members of the Indian Nations Chapter for all the activities and displays to highlight the Oakland Motor Car Company.

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