Applications being accepted for 2024 Scholarships


Scholarship Information

Any applicant wishing to qualify for either of the above annual scholarships offered through our club must:

1) Follow all published rules (as explained on the official application).

2) Be a child or grandchild of a POCI member, or the applicants themselves must be a member of POCI.

3) Designate which of the two scholarships they wish to apply for. This permits more students to have an opportunity to win.

In addition:

4) Each application is assigned a scoresheet. The scoresheet with the highest score is deemed the winner. In case of a tie score, the judges go over their individual scoresheets and review the application with the Scholarship Chairperson.

5) The judging team for the John M. Sawruk Scholarship is comprised of Marge Sawruk and her adult children. The Judging Team for the POCI Scholarship is comprised of three representatives from POCI: Don Barlup, Andy Hoff and Chairperson Michael G. Murray

6) The dollar amount of each annual scholarship is $1,500.

7) Scholarship payments, in the form of a check, are made payable to the winners’ designated educational institutions following the student’s first semester.

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