Changes Coming to Smoke Signals

Changes Coming to Smoke Signals

As you’ve likely noticed in your own households, prices for merchandise and services have been rising much faster than income. The same things happen with businesses and car clubs. Similarly, the cost of producing our award-winning club magazine, Smoke Signals, has been rising exponentially, to the point that the cost of running the club and producing the magazine is higher than membership dues income. The Executive Committee and Board of Directors have addressed the issue and have tried to come up with a workable plan to cut costs with minimal impact to the club members.

Therefore, effective with the January 2024 issue and for the remainder of 2024, Smoke Signals will be distributed as nine printed issues and three digital-only issues. The digital issues will be in February, June, and October. Beginning in 2025, the plan is to produce a total of nine issues, which amounts to one about each six weeks, and available as either print or digital.

It is the Board of Directors’ hope that you will enjoy the convenience of the digital issues and will consider changing your membership to digital only. You’ll still get the same great Smoke Signals content that Tim Dye and his team provide, but in digital format, saving the club considerable money and keeping annual dues low as long as possible. Same appearance, no paper.

– Alan Mayes, POCI Treasurer

Too clarify this further:

  • ALL members, regardless of their subscription type, can view the Smoke Signals online within their Member Dashboard but there will only be 9 printed issues for 2024 and 2025.

  • To clear-up any misconceptions, there has been no decision to go all digital, either now or any time in the near future.

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