December 2006

Welcoming GMC Truck owners too!

The November/December 2006 issue of the PCPV News featured a 1950 GMC Highway Patrol Paddy wagon panel truck and an article on American Custom Coachworks. We have seen and followed many unique Pontiacs being offered on eBay lately, from a professionally converted 1977 Pontiac Grand Prix pick up (owned by a POCI member in Texas), to a 1953 Pontiac sedan delivery and a pair of 1960 Pontiac Superior ambulances. We are looking to get more information and photos of the 2007 Acadia GMCs first crossover SUV. The PCPV News is probably the only place youll see a 1976 Pontiac Catalina 4-door in a Pontiac club newsletter, the yard car at the Pontiac Ranch that is attracting bids from the demolition derby crowd! We received an update and photos of a 1955 Pontiac sedan delivery restoration project from Doug McCurdy and also Eric Binotti sent in some photos of his 1971 Pontiac Superior hearse. Larry Crider shared some vintage photos of the Buddy Holly plane crash that showed several Pontiac professional cars on the scene. PCPV president Russ Scott has purchased a new place (leaving the city for the country life) outside of Calgary, Alberta and now has 10,000 square feet of outbuildings to store his Pontiac treasures, good luck with the move Russ! Welcome to new member Michael Koch from Jamestown, Ohio. Mike has several 1955 Pontiac station wagons (one is a Safari) and a 1986 GMC Suburban. NEW MEMBERS WANTED! We have an exciting 2007 planned for the PCPV News. To find out more about our chapter and to enjoy these rare and unique Pontiac vehicles, you can request a free sample issue of our newsletter by contacting: Paul Bergstrom, 1165 County Road 83, Independence, MN 55359; email pcpvnews@ties2.net or call evenings/weekends (763) 479-2248.

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