GMC Truck Chapter News (GTC)

GMC Truck Chapter - a.k.a. the GTC The July/August 2007 issue of the GMC Times featured Lou Calasibettas 1957 GMC Town and Country Suburban pick up. Lous truck was also featured in the September 2005 issues of Street Truck magazine. We had an article on GMC-Pontiac Cooperation by GMC Historian Don Meyer (thanks Don!). GTC treasurer Steve Cook also submitted an article on Tulsa over spray clean up tips. Upcoming feature vehicles include Jim Atkinsons 1937 GMC fire truck, Derek Moodys 1960 GMC long bed fender-side pick up , and Jim Downs 1966 GMC Suburban. Thanks to Don Meyer and John Sawruk for attending and participating in our chapter annual meeting at the convention. We look forward to a GMC Invasion in Spearfish in 2008! We need your continued support. Since our chapter charter was approved in April, we have welcomed 14 new members and were growing strong. To find out more about the GTC, you can request a free sample issue of our newsletter by contacting: Paul Bergstrom, 1165 County Road 83, Independence, MN 55359; email pcpvnews@ties2.net or call evenings/weekends (763) 479-2248.

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