GMC Truck Chapter News Update

GMC Truck Chapter The GTC is up and running! Thanks to the POCI board of directors and the GMC Chapter officers for their support and encouragement. The April/May 2007 issue of the GMC Times featured the 1955 GMC LUniverselle concept truck, introductions of the chapter officers (David Bailey, President; David Manninen, Vice-president; Steve Cook, Treasurer; Paul Bergstrom, Secretary and newsletter editor), Craig Ahlmans 1928 Pontiac truck, GMC truck history and a feature on Jay and Debra Whites 1972 GMC pickup. Welcome aboard to all of our 30+ charter members. We are looking forward to having Don Meyer and John Sawruk attend the GMC Truck Chapter meeting in Tulsa at the POCI Convention. NEW MEMBERS WANTED! To find out more about the GTC, simply request a free sample issue of the GMC Times by contacting: Paul Bergstrom, 1165 County Road 83, Independence, MN 55359;email pcpvnews@ties2.net or call evenings/weekends (763)479-2248.

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