January 2007

Yankee Chapter members met at our November meeting to review the past year's events and to plan for 2007. We are looking for suggestions from members for next years "cruising" trips. Let's hear from folks in New Hampshire and Maine on some great places that they are keeping a secret.

Charles Reale is planning an "overall update" of the Yankee Chapter website. He is asking chapter members to give him feedback on the current site. Are there features that you would like to see? Charlie would like to see more use! Take advantage of the information offered from the clubs more knowledgeable members. Responses should be made to by email to Yankeepoci@yahoo.com or call him at home.

Our next monthly meeting will be at Richardi's Sub Shop in Braintree on Sunday January 14th @ 2 pm. Our annual election of Officers and Directors will take place at the meeting. Members input would be appreciated before the date.

For information on the Yankee Chapter contact Tom Dubois @ 978-922-5618 or tfdubois@nii.net.

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