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Chapter News: Michigan Widetrackers POCI #16 Our club covers mostly S.E./Eastern Michigan. But, we have members in, Western Mi,Southern Ohio, and Canada! Even some quite 'special' Pontiac people like: Malcolm McKellar yes, 'Mac" himself is a 'life' member of our group. The late John Sawruk [2008], we're all sad not seeing him,but happy to still see Marge at our club meetings!! Eric White, He is the artist who drew, the latest release of the '69 Pontiac GTO Judge and other car prints. Our club purchased several of the "John Sawruk GT-37" print, he made!! See story, in April's SMOKES pg 12,or go on www.whitehouse-graphics.com for more info. We're just good natured,and a fun group to be around,period. Our last elections results stayed about the same.Showing our members are happy with the operation of our great car club! The 11-member car show committee,changed our 'Spring Dust-Off' car show date. From a Sunday in May, to Saturday June 13th!! [This also shows that most club members are now 're-tired' from GM, and not working 'that Saturday over-time' anymore,]ha-ha. Plus, we hope this new show date change will bring better [warmer/drier] weather,and of course, more show cars? We are pushing for a 'Better than before' show by, advertising in, SMOKES and the POCI web site , our areas car show/swap magazine called Cruis'news,a local cable TV ad. To even have our local cable TV's host of 'Checkered Flag', [they interview car people,shows/swaps] he's to do a 1/2 hour taping of our Dust-Off Pontiac car show,June 13th!!! Our clubs 80+ members[growing by the month], keep quite busy all year long. Our club meetings [on the 2nd Saturday, were 40+ members join in, and bring a food item 'potluck',yummy],and for over a year now,is held at our 'clubs base' GOLLING Pontiac-GMC dealership in Lake Orion Michigan. What great people they are! Their G.M. John Cooper even bought 12 folding tables and 60 chairs,just for our Widetrackers club meetings!! Yes, several 'happy' club members purchased 'new' cars from GOLLING Pontiac -GMC,and why not? We also go to different places each month, In January, 57 members met for our clubs 'Holiday Dinner',last February, 17 of us went to see the AMERICAN history at the "Henry Ford Museum'. After went to eat at a Detroit Red Wings player restaurant,'Cheli's Chili'. March,were 20 members went to see the 'Detroit Auto-Rama' carshow,and after we ate at Greek-town. In April we're to see the Sloan Museum, in Flint Mi and of course to eat afterwards. The month of May, starts the car cruis'in season with, GOLLING's cruise night,the 28th! In June, is our clubs picnic at members Wade/Carol's house. Which was voted the #1 club event of the year!! Also, our Dust-Off show the 13th, over 30 members volunteer, to help in anyway to keep the show going, thats great!! Than there's July,August,September......... We could [and do] go on-on,all year,with our classics cars in the summer OR no 'cool' cars in the winter,were we only have our 'friendship'. The club decided that we needed a 'social chairman',to schedule all of these 'gatherings' and Jerry O'Rourke took this on. He's doing a fine job,too! There's other 'club events' each month. So,come take a look at our clubs web-site www.widetrackers.com to 'events'. You'll see what a 'great' job our webmaster/President Rich Dabrowski has done!! Not to forget, our editor, Anna-Maria. She fills the clubs "Tracker' a bi-monthly [24] page newsletter with, event dates,b-days,jokes, members articles,pictures,stories, oh did I mention jokes! What a wonderful job she does, thank-you Anna. We have 'no' problem in getting members to help-out at our meetings/outtings,with the 12 different club officer positions and several more 'directors', there's no shortage of leadership, either. It's good to have such a 'great' group of [car] people ,all together in the Widetrackers. As you have read we are 'the club that likes to drive and eat'. Signed, Widetrackers 'VP with the GP' Jim Larson

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