Little Indians Chapter Update - December 2008

12/2/08 Little Indians Chapter Big changes are in the works for Little Indians Chapter. Current officers Greg Walters, Bill Mawbey, Gary Beemer and Keith Baker are stepping down. The new officers are President Gary Kahn, Vice President Jim Platt, Secretary Jim Adams and Treasurer Bob Gaydo. Also, Gary Stoiber will replace Keith Baker as newsletter editor. Greg Walters and Keith Baker will remain as directors. This new management team brings a renewed level of enthusiasm to Little Indians and ensures the Chapters future for a long time to come. Their bi-monthly newsletter, The Ropeshaft Reader, will become an email publication which will save considerable time for the newsletter editor. Little Indians Chapter is a non-regional specialty chapter. Their specialty is the 1961 to 1963 Tempest models. Ownership of one of these models is not a prerequisite to becoming a member. For membership information, contact Gary Kahn by email at garykahn@optonline.net

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