New Facebook Page for Firebird T/A Chapter

Firebird Chapter of POCI new site Members, We are back online! A member suggested that we use FACEBOOK and I thought what a great idea. I already have a personal account so I just created a page and we are back online. For those of you who already have an account with Facebook do a search on Firebird Chapter of POCI and you can also become a fan which will link you to the page. For those of you who do not have an account with Facebook just go to facebook.com and register for a new account. Once you are registered you can repeat the search procedure above. Features of the site: * anyone can join (become a fan) of this new site * we can create photo albums (pictures must be less than 4 mg to upload) * we have a discussion board where you can post messages * there is an event section Please join us on the new site. It will be a new experience for all of us. Thank you, John (JB) Froehle President, Firebird Chapter of POCI

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