North Coast Ohio 2/12 Update

Fellow NCPC member, Chuck Holder, was always an avid Pontiac fan.  Chuck is pleased to have owned several Pontiacs.  Among his favorites were a ’79 Bonneville and a ’79 Grand Prix.  He also has many fond memories cruising around town in a ’60 Bonneville Station Wagon.  Unfortunately, for personal reasons he had to sell the Poncho wagon. 

Through the years, Chuck’s passion for Pontiac excitement never waivered.  He maintained a strong desire to own another Pontiac….one he could just drive around.  He wanted to be part of a great select group that enjoys owning a timeless machine.

One day in the winter of 2002, while reading the local newspaper, Chuck’s eyes focused on an advertisement that sparked his Pontiac enthusiasm.  A 1963 Catalina 2-door Sport Coupe was for sale.  As it turned out the car was sitting in a garage in nearby North Canton, Ohio.  At first glance, the car did not have side trim, and was riding on a set of Rally II’s.  She ran very well and was rust free.  It was a great find, so the deal was sealed. 

Chuck learned that the car was built at the Wilmington Delaware Plant in January of 1963.  The Catalina came equipped with a 389 C.I.D. 4 barrel engine, 303 H.P., and a Roto Hydramatic Transmission. Other features included a deluxe push button AM radio, rear seat speaker, power steering and power brakes, and the Ventura Trim Package.  The original color was Code KCA…the lower body was Cordovan (brown) and the top was Cameo Ivory.  The interior was light medium and dark Beige.  The previous owner had the exterior painted Volkswagen Dark Red (a 1999 color) and the interior was changed to red and black.  The engine and transmission were replaced with a 1964 engine and a Turbo Hydramatic 400 Transmission. 

Chuck wanted his classic to cruise for enjoyment.  However, he decided that some restoration was in order.  Since purchasing his classic the suspension and steering has been completely rebuilt.  Chuck replaced the complete front end including front upper and lower control arm bushings and pivot arms and all other front end parts as well.  The steering box was redone with a faster ratio rebuilt model.  Chuck also converted the front drum brakes to disc brakes.  The ’63 not only runs very well, but also stops like a brand new car.  She boasts BF Goodrich T/A radials mounted on Cragar SS wheels which gives her a smooth and safe ride. The car’s exterior has been repainted and now sports a Deep Burgundy color.

Chuck plans on installing air-conditioning.  It will be a welcome addition when Chuck and Sue enjoy their warm weather travels.

Chuck has won awards at the many cruise-ins and club related car shows.  Each year he especially enjoys driving his Catalina in the City of Green Memorial Day Parade.  This sleek, shiny Deep Burgundy ’63 Catalina continues to be a pleasure to drive.

Our April 18th meeting will be held at Kerry Klotzman’s Museum.  Members will be able to tour this fantastic museum rich in Pontiac and North Coast Pontiac Chapter history.

We are looking forward to the Dust Off hosted by North Coast Pontiac Chapter. This event will be held at Jay Pontiac on Sunday, May 6th.

For more information on the North Coast Pontiac Chapter of POCI, contact Carolyn Kucia, 127 Willard Avenue, Bedford, OH 44146, or email onecleannut@aol.com , or please check out our web site at http://northcoastpontiacchapter.org & You can also search for North Coast Pontiac Club on Facebook (www.facebook.com/northcoastpontiacclub) .

 Meetings are held the third Wednesday of each month at 7 PM at Jay Pontiac, 18800 Rockside Road, Bedford, OH  If you are in the area, please join us.


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