North Coast Ohio Chapter 7/10 Update

NORTH COAST PONTIAC CHAPTER (OHIO) The featured car for the month of July was Tim Sabula's 1976 Trans Am. Tim and Joyce were on their way to church when Tim suddenly noticed a white ray of light shining in front of him. He blinked his eyes and took a second look - and there she was gleaming in all her glory,a 1976 Trans Am. Doing the virtuous thing, Tim headed to Church, however, during the next hour there were not only prayers but a lot of Pontiac thoughts dancing in his head. Tim decided to stop after church and check out this Poncho. The gentleman selling the car happened to be the original owner. Tim was pleasantly surprised to see that the car with 32,000 miles was very clean and had no rust. It was definitely in solid shape. The car was undercoated and rustproofed. It had been garage stored for a few years. The owner had T- Tops installed and the hood was ordered decal delete. Tim's interest soared. He and the owner agreed on a price that was almost what it was sold for brand new. The car drove very well. Tim knew then that he had purchased a winner! The Trans Am has power steering, power brakes, power windows, tinted glass, A/C, and an AM/FM radio. This was the first year Pontiac made the front and rear bumper the same color of the car. Tim always admired that design. The car had Cragars which were immediately replaced with a set of Rally IIs purchased from fellow NCPC friend Ron Lockhart. However, now the Trans Am sports a set of 15 Honeycomb wheels which brings Tim a lot of compliments. Attending the Firebird/Trans Am Nationals, Tripower Nationals in Norwalk, Ohio, and POCI conventions, Tim has won many awards with this gleaming survivor. Coupled with the above, this '76 Trans Am received the Champion Award at the 38th POCI Convention in West Virginia. Tim and Joyce enjoy cruising in their smooth riding, responsive, rode hugging, comfortable '76 Trans Am. This beautiful Cameo White Poncho with 41,000 miles certainly deserves the title CHAMPION.

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