North Coast Ohio Chapter - July 2012


NCPC member Ken Kucia got his Pontiac excitement from his dad. For as long as he can remember there was a glistening Pontiac (usually big car model to accommodate the family) parked in his driveway.

As he got older his Pontiac passion continued.  Ken was always on the hunt for a used Pontiac. As an auto technician by trade, combined with paint restoration as a hobby, he has enjoyed acquiring and restoring quite a few classics.   

The family’s Florida vacation was no different.  In 1979, taking a break from the beach Ken and his cousin Joe Krol (also a NCPC member) decided to drive to the Carolinas on a Pontiac expedition.  They ended up in a small North Carolina town…where on the side of the road was a ’66 Bonneville. The car sat with holes in the convertible top and dents all over the body.  She was truly an unkempt, dilapidated mess.  Trying to survey the positive, Ken noticed that the ’66 had no rust and an original 421 Tri-power.  Ken and Joe decided this Poncho would be a great project.  They put all the money they could scrape together and convinced the owner to sell the Bonne for $500.00.  What a deal!

After arriving home with the ’66, Joe decided he was not interested in the rebuilding project so Ken bought him out and made plans to restore the car on his own.  Being from the south, a frame off restoration was unnecessary for this rust-free vehicle.  After a good cleaning the frame and floor pans were painted the same Centari enamel.  In addition the AC Delco shocks (front and rear) were replaced and painted to match factory specs.   The tri-power engine and the stock carbs were rebuilt.  The cast-iron log style exhaust manifolds were sandblasted and treated to a high heat manifold coating.  A Walker factory replacement exhaust provides the Bonneville with a strong husky sound.  Ken used a NOS rebuild kit for the tranny. 

Having a 124-inch wheelbase and a total body length of 18.5 feet, the ’66 Bonne certainly proved to be a challenge.  Ken stripped the body panels with a DA sander and used Charcoal Gray Dupont lacquer primer.  After many hours of diligent work the ’66 began to reform to its original shape.   Ken then painted the car using DuPont Starlight Black.  The car ended up with a total of 13 double coats, each one block-sanded before the next with 600 grit wet/dry paper.  After the final application Ken used 2000-grit paper to sand.  Last, he hand rubbed and then buffed out the Bonne.  The result was well worth the effort.

The interior received a facelift as well. The dash was refurbished and the carpeting replaced.  Ken stained the replacement wood and hand fitted the panels.  The seats were recovered by Don Vincent of Lorain, OH…Don Vincent also installed a replacement black convertible top.

In order to maintain the original ride, the ’66 rolls on bias-ply tires.  Ken restored the 8-lug wheels himself.  The power assist makes the pedal pressure light for a comfortable ride.

After 10 long years of hard labor, the ’66 was ready for her first show which happened to be the 1991  19th Annual POCI Convention in Cleveland hosted by the North Coast Pontiac Chapter.

With impressive wins the last 21 years, this Starlight Black ’66 Bonneville recently received

her Fifth Champion Award / Silver Tray at the POCI Convention in St. Charles, Il 

Ken’s triple black rag-top sports almost every option Pontiac offered for that model.  This classic full–size gleaming machine with luxurious style and smooth timeless lines,  proudly struts her stuff. 

Several NCPC members attended the POCI Convention in St. Charles and enjoyed the array of beautiful Pontiacs displayed both inside the Mega Center and on the show field outdoors. 


CONGRATULATIONS to the following winners:


George Johnson’s  1985 Fiero Modified won Silver

Kerry Klotzman’s  1970 Grand Prix Survivor won SENIOR GOLD

Jack Scott’s  1969 GTO Judge won SENIOR GOLD

Ken Kucia’s 1966 Bonneville convertible won 5th CHAMPION/SILVER TRAY


AWARD OF MERIT for our newsletter, THE COASTLINE



Members are still enjoying warm weather activities.  Our next club event will be our annual picnic at Sunnybrook Preserve in Chesterland,OH on September 16th .

For more information on the North Coast Pontiac Chapter of POCI, contact Carolyn Kucia, 127 Willard Avenue, Bedford, OH 44146, or email onecleannut@aol.com , or please check out our website at http://northcoastpontiacchapter.org & You can also search for North Coast Pontiac Club on Facebook (www.facebook.com/northcoastpontiacclub) .

Meetings are held the third Wednesday of each month at 7 PM at Jay Buick GMC, 18800 Rockside Road, Bedford, OH  If you are in the area, please join us.


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