The featured car for the month of May was Jerry Steinbricks 1963 Catalina Super Duty. A friend and fellow NCPC member, Joe Semenik, found the car in a newspaper ad. He knew Jerry was looking for a car. Jerry was actually looking for a Buick Station Wagon. He knew that in the early 70s there was not a big demand for just an old car. Nevertheless he was curious, so he drove to Brunswick to take a look. After looking at the car, he discovered she was a 421 Super Duty. Also, the car had low mileage, an all aluminum front end, and many other extras. That made the 63 very appealing. Fifteen hundred dollars later, the deal was sealed. In August of 75 the car made its debut at Norwalk Raceway Park. In the 70s it was rare to see many Pontiacs on the track. Jerry was impressed on how well the car performed, but the first time out, the head gaskets blew. The problem was repaired. Jerry took the car back and the gaskets blew again. He then decided to use Ram Air V heads to run on his Super Duty. It certainly did the trick! This gave the engine more horsepower and the ability to breathe easier. Jerry enjoyed running his car down the track. As time went on, Jerry decided a restoration project was needed and when it was completed in 2002, the CAT maintained her original Marimba Red paint color. He still has the original parts for this 1 of 8 post Poncho. Racing was a part of Jerrys life and he has had the most fun with the 63. He was very successful with the automatic. Jerry set 3 AHRA world records, of which two still stand today. He won the Gasser Championship in 1977. If you check out Pete McCarthy Publications you can find info. on the 63. Jerry hopes to race his favorite car at the Pontiac Nationals this August. So, if you see a blur of red going down the track at Norwalk this summer, you will know it is our fellow NCPC enthusiast in his 63 Catalina Super Duty. NCPC members are looking forward to our Poker Run on June 11th and our annual club picnic on July 24th . Some of our members will be heading down to Bowling Green, KY to attend the POCI Convention. We will certainly be busy in the weeks ahead. If you are in the Greater Cleveland area, NCPC invites you to join us on July 31st at Solon Commons for our 14th Annual All Pontiac Benefit Car Show. For more information on the North Coast Pontiac Chapter of POCI, contact Carolyn Kucia, 127 Willard Avenue, Bedford, OH 44146, or email onecleannut@aol.com , or please check out our web site at http://northcoastpontiacchapte r.org &You can also search for North Coast Pontiac Club on Facebook. Meetings are held the third Wednesday of each month at 7 PM at Jay Pontiac, 18800 Rockside Road, Bedford, OH

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