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For the POCI Website and the Chapter Briefs Section of the SMOKE SIGNALS: Pontiac Commercial and Professional Vehicle (PCPV) Chapter The July/August 2007 issue of the PCPV News featured Lou Calasibettas 1957 Pontiac Surfari station wagon. In Tulsa, Lou was presented with the Glenn Kooyer Memorial Award which recognizes the best station wagon or sedan delivery at the POCI conventions congratulations Lou! The PCPV Chapter was honored with 3 awards of recognition at the convention: the Most Improved Chapter award, an award of merit for our chapter display, and an award of merit for our newsletter. Thanks to John Sawruk and Don Meyer for attending and participating in our annual meeting at the convention. We reported on two Pontiac vehicles in attendance at the Professional Car Society (PCS) meeting in Burbank, CA in July. The vehicles were a 1938 Superior Pontiac three-way hearse and a 1964 Superior Pontiac L-204 long-wheelbase landaulet funeral car. NEW MEMBERS WANTED! To find out more about our chapter and to enjoy these rare and unique Pontiac vehicles, you can request a free sample issue of our newsletter by contacting: Paul Bergstrom, 1165 County Road 83, Independence, MN 55359; email pcpvnews@ties2.net or call evenings/weekends (763) 479-2248.

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