Pontiac Preservation Association

The PPA Hall of Fame is an independent, non-profit educational institution dedicated to fostering an appreciation of the historic development of the Pontiac hobby and its impact on the industry by preserving the memory of those who have made outstanding contributions.
The Hall of Fame's mission is to preserve Pontiac's history, honor excellence within, and make a connection between the generation of people who enjoy classic cars. Induction into the PPA Hall of Fame is reserved for those who have made a significant impact on the Pontiac automobile as well as the hobby itself.
This is our second full year. We inducted Arnie Beswick, Bill Collins Jr, Herb Adams, Jim Wangers & Russ Gee, Bunkie Knudsen, John Z. Delorean, John Sawruk, Malcolm "Mac" McKellar, Elliott "Pete" Estes.
The main web page to see more about the PPA site is www.pontiacpreservationassociation.org
For anyone that wants to vote for the next inductee, please go to this link http://pontiacpreservationassociation.org/contact.php OR go off the main web site and click on CONTACTS.
We have opened the voting for the Pontiac public to cast their ballots and will close on June 15th.
To look to see who is nominated, check out http://pontiacpreservationassociation.org/hall-of-fame.html for the living nominees.  For the deceased nominees, click on http://pontiacpreservationassociation.org/hall-of-fame-deceased.html
Please take the time to read the bio's on those Pontiac greats and decide who should be inducted, without making it a popularity contest.  We should vote for the nominees that make a real impact in our Pontiac community.

After the voting is over and the votes are tallied, we will be announcing this years inductees at the 2019 POCI convention in Gettysburg, Pa. 

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