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1924 Oakland

Bill and Judy Hewett's 1924 Oakland

The Story

The Oakland Sedan displayed here is an original example of a "True Blue Oakland Six."

Being 72 years old, a lot of history rides on its 31 x 4-inch tires. The round "A" sticker on the passenger-side windshield is a relic from the gasoline rationing period of World War II. An "A" represented the lowest allotment of gas, a mere four gallons a week, which could only be used in pursuit of "essential" business. The car's owner's, Bill and Judy Hewett, are "delighted to share the beauty" of their 1924 Oakland with the citizens of Oakland County. The Hewetts purchased the automobile from John Lowery's tire company after discovering the car's relationship to the house they live in. After researching their historic house, the Hewetts discovered it originally owned by George Hannum, president of Oakland Motor Car Company from 1920-24. One day, Judy asked Bill if he could find her a picture of a car built by Hannum's company. Needless to say, Bill found more than a picture.”

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