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1967-72 GMC C/K Pickup Trucks

1967-1972 Model Years's 1967 GMC

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1967-1972 GMC C/K Pickup Trucks

They just don’t make them like they use to! Strong, fast as many horses combined, and simple to work on.  It’s about time we pay tribute to second edition GMC pickup truck from 1967 to 1972.  The smooth sleek lines gave it an irresistible charm that the guys and girls couldn’t resist.  Perhaps what made it the complete package was the practicality factor, comfort and convenience with Stepside and Fleetside options, long bed (8’) short bed (6 ½’) options, 4x4 or two wheel drive this truck was very alluring in this era and especially  current days.  There were several changes made in those 6 years to the grills, engines, fenders, brakes and trim.  Probably the best was a change to front disc brakes in 71 but let’s step back in time to 67.


GMC seen some major changes from their first edition line of trucks.  The team was excited and nicknames this beauty “Action Line” 

  • Engine options: Inline 6, 250 cu/in and 292 cu/in.

V6, 305 cu/in and 351 cu/in

V8, 283 cu/in and 327 cu/in

  • Standard 3 speed manual transmission, optional 4 speed manual, Powerglide and Turbo-Hydramatic
  • Original MSRP 2 wheel drive Inline 6 with factory air-conditioning $2,232
  • Current day retail in good condition: $6,000 to $12,000 Low, $21,000 Average, $37,000 High


Not much was changed in 68 besides losing an option for the small rear window they had in 67 and notice the fenders have side marker reflectors.  The trucks still offer coil spring trailing arms in the lighter models which made for a smooth ride and leaf spring suspension options in the heavier 30 series.  A new grill without the GMC letters was another minor change.

  • Engine options: Inline 6, 250 cu/in and 292 cu/in.

V6, 305 cu/in and 351 cu/in

V8, 307 cu/in, 327 cu/in and 396 cu/in

  • CST custom comfort interior packages made available


We see some changes to the grill once again to change things up.   A new 350 cubic inch produces 200 horsepower to 255 horsepower depending on the emissions package.   This was the year the GMC Jimmy made its debut which really changed things up with the shorter 104 inch wheel base.   Engine options: Inline 6, 250 cu/in and 292 cu/in.

V6, 305 cu/in

V8, 307 cu/in, 350 cu/in and 396 cu/in


Minor changes to the grill but a step up in the engine with a 402 cubic inch replacing the 392.  Also there is no longer an option for the V6 but only the inline six.  


This is the year that we see some major changes, it starts with the new “egg crate” grill being the most minor.  The Sierra was born which was a luxury package catered to interior comforts with thick padding, some chrome trim inside and out with the side moldings, this was one polished ride.  First year for the factory installed AM/FM radio makes it hard to believe this was just short of 50 years ago, a lot has sure changed in that time.   Finally we have disc brakes offered in the front of the light duty GMC trucks.


The Sierra offered wood grain inserts and armrests very similar to 71.   Some minor change to the mirror being fixed to the windshield and molded plastic replacing the metal and vinyl covered door panels.

No matter what year you own today you are most likely proud and the truck holds much more personal value to you than any price tag could ever offer.  There is an abundance of parts available for these types of trucks although the prices have risen they make great project trucks that will retain their value and draw in a crowd at the car show. If you have restored one of these trucks for shows you will want to take extra special care in transporting your classic to and from home.    Over the years when you go to so many car shows you notice that there is usually one of these series in the show and taking home some trophies.  All together there was roughly 3 million of these types of trucks made and many have still survived in good original or restored conditions.  Many people choose to custom these trucks and you will find some wild variations at all the car shows.  

Article by Jason Mueller



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