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"My baby, a 1957 Star Chief"

Robert Grant's 1957 Pontiac Star Chief

I've owned my 1957 Star Chief for about 2 years. When I was a little kid, my Dad had one. He and I spent every Sunday washing and waxing it, that was some the best quality time! I searched long for this car. I purchased this car from a dealer in Minnesota, having only seen it in videos and pictures. They shipped it to me, and it was like Christmas morning when I found it in my driveway. It is my homage to Dad.

I have replaced the tires, brakes, exhaust, tail light lenses and some stainless trim. I also put LED headlights, and taillights for better visibility. I replaced the wiper motor with an electric one, and also found a NOS trunk-liner. The engine and engine bay was a mess when I first bought it. Since then it's been repainted, and all belts, wires, etc have been replaced. I am still looking for the original oil bath air cleaner.

I absolutely love driving the car, showing it, and talking about it with people at the local car shows. I haven’t gone too far with it, but it cruises very nicely at 70mph on the highway. I drive her almost every day (weather permitting) and go to as many shows as possible, where to my surprise, she consistently wins trophies. After getting it, I joined POCI and my local car club (Antique Motor Cars of Monmouth County) where I have met many wonderful people. I’ve been a member of POCI for over a year now, and enjoy every issue of the magazine.

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